Family Sport

My First Love

Looking back at my childhood, I now realize I had a magical place which nurtured my first true love when I was four years old.  It was the baseball fields and Doerhoefer Park – and that was the home of the Downers Grove Youth Baseball Little League.

Family at the Baseball Park

Proudly wearing the league’s “DG” baseball hats

I was there probably 6 days a week.  My older brother played on the VFW Post 503 team and I was the team’s biggest fan.  I couldn’t wait for the day that I could start wearing the royal blue uniform and play.  Although I viewed myself more as the “assistant coach”, I was just there to cheer my brother on and be the best damn bat boy I could be.

But it was more than just my brother’s team that made the park feel like home.  My father was a coach and the league president.  My mother helped at the concession stand.  My best friends were there – of course only because their brothers and sisters played there too.  We all grew up together. When we got our chance to play, our younger brothers and sisters were there to cheer us on.  Almost everyone in town played.  We had rivalries. We talked about it at school – probably too much according to most teachers.

It was family.  It was a community.

And I miss it.


My Kids & Today’s Youth

Now that I have three young kids of my own, I am hopeful of producing the same experience and memories for my kids.  But my fear is these programs don’t exist on the same level anymore.

Nowadays, it seems youth sports are more about traveling teams that frankly, in my opinion, play way to many games and travel way to far.

Don’t get me wrong, there are still great avenues for kids and families.  Local park districts offer great opportunities.  Schools  still offer some community based activities.

But nothing like Curling.


Family Curling

Baseball will always hold a special spot in my heart,  but that love is now being matched by Curling.

One of the greatest things about curling is that just about anyone can play.  It doesn’t matter how strong you are or how fast your are… doesn’t matter how old you are… and it really doesn’t matter how good you are either!

Anyone can curl.  Families can curl.

Family Curling

Photo Courtesy of the Pittsburgh Post Gazette

I have seen teams with 3 generations of family playing together.  Could you imagine in any other sport having your grandpa and mother play on the same team with you?  Or your sister and both parents?

I was lucky enough to have my brother, Jeff, and a good friend, Dave, join and start curling when I did.  I probably wouldn’t have joined without them – which would have been a huge mistake.  I can’t even begin to measure the opportunities curling provided for my brother and I.  It gave us a way to reconnect after both of us being away at college.  It gave us something to work at together, to grow together.  We are now closer than ever, and it is because of curling.  When we are in the club or away on a bonspiel and I hear someone say “The Galas Brothers” – it always reminds me of those baseball fields where family and community was so influential in my life.

I now look forward to curling with my own sons – after all I have built my own little men’s team.   Hopefully they’ll even let the old man skip.  I hope I’m fortunate enough to curl with my grandkids one day as well.  Seeing other families curl together is such an inspiration (even if they do fight a little at the same time).

The community that is curling is amazing and is only enhanced by the ability to curl with family and friends.


Share your Family

I know there are countless families out there with curling stories, so please feel free to share and inspire. And because it’s family… that especially includes the bickering – the nit picking – why did you call that shot – Grandma Sally could have even made that shot – comments!

Let us hear your stories – please share them in the comments.