Meet an Olympian – Jessica Schultz

Windy City Curling has the opportunity to chat with US Olympic Curler Jessica Schultz.  A two-time Olympian and ambassador for the sport, we wanted to ask some questions that let our readers know more about Jessica – and at the same time ask questions that have never been asked in her numerous interviews from the past years.



  • How did you get your start in curling? I started curling with my family in Anchorage when I was 13.
  • When did you first think “I could really curl at a top level”?  When did you first think “I could be an Olympian”? Crazy as it is, the first time I really thought I could be an Olympian was when we won the Trials in 2006. We weren’t expected to win, and we had just decided to play mostly for the experience. Our team was young for the curling world and we were not favored to win. However, we played lights out that week and beat McCormick in an extra end with a draw to the four foot, then went on to win Silver at the World’s that year. Now, I realize there are no limits as long as you work hard and stay focused on your goals. I could be an Olympian for 20 more years!!! (wink wink)
  • Tell us about Jessica Schultz without talking about curling (don’t forget to mention your dog …).  Career, hobbies, favorite music, cheering on the Wild and Twins, etc. For the most part I like to keep active and busy. I work as a Physical Therapist Assistant for a growing Orthopedic clinic in the Twin Cities, helping athletes return to sport, and rehabilitating the general public. I own a small little house in Richfield where I have my lively springer spaniel Diesel and a cat Millie. My friend and long time roommate helps with the house when I’m not around. I love gardening (you should see the veggies growing this year), running and being outdoors as much as possible. I’m a sucker for going to a Twins game on a beautiful night, and have found an ever growing love for the WIld. Favorite music is tough because I listen to almost everything, however I love live music and getting into supporting local artists.

(c) Jessica Schultz

  • Taking out athletic achievements (like a gold at the Olympics), what would you like to accomplish during your lifetime? Good question! I think utmost is to continue being surrounded by wonderful friends and family and maintaining a positive outlook on life. With that there is endless possibilities. I would like to look back and know that I tried to enjoy each moment and really live life to the fullest. Making no excuses and jump into every adventure with an open mind. So, my bucket list is endless!!
  • Who’s idea was the “What the Skip Say?” video?  Will we ever see another team video? I will let Terry take the credit for the suggestion, and then once we found full sized animal pajamas we went all in. The second question may just be a surprise 😉
  • The first thing that comes into your mind …
    • Best moment from an opening ceremonies that you have seen – Walking in as Team USA with over 200 amazing athletes from our country
    • Favorite Olympic Moment – Vernon Davis tripping down the stairs to get to our team after a loss and him giving me a big ol’ bear hug.
    • Take a wild guess at how many miles have you logged traveling around the world to curl – Holy buckets…. at least a million.
    • Have you ever just whipped a stone down the ice as hard as you could?  Was it quicker than a Phil Hughes fastball – More like Patrick Kane’s slap-shot….
    • The funniest thing you have ever heard your skip yell while sweeping down the ice? Work it girls!
    • Best souvenir from the Olympics – My Olympic rings

(c) Jessica Schultz

  • Being one of the world’s best … is it tough sometimes curling on a club level? Sure, I suppose it can be at times. Most of the time it’s a nice breather from competition travel and a time to catch up with friends.
  • One piece of advice for a new curler? Get in the hack, aim at the broom, and go!
  • As a new club, how can we help “spread the gospel” of curling? Word of mouth, people bringing friends in, and I think getting corporations and schools involved. We have had a lot of companies host their corporate events at the club.
  • You do a ton to promote the sport, and have even branched out to have a clothing line (I’ve spotted three Rock Life shirts on the Windy City Curling ice). Yay!! Rock Life!!   Can you tell us more about “Rock Life” and where we can get your shirts?  Will we see more designs in the future? I started the brand when we won the trials to help off set the of cost living and travel expenses. The goal is one to promote curling, and two to hopefully inspire people to really reach for their goals and dreams. Life is short and I feel we need to slow down and enjoy it by doing what we love, whatever it may be. You can buy Rock Life shirts at

We thank Jessica for sitting down with us, and look forward to seeing her at many Olympic competitions to come!  And, thank you for reading. Click the “Like” button below to follow us on Facebook … then go buy a Rock Life t-shirt!

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