So we have a Facebook Group…

Hey, folks!

So for those of you who may not know, Windy City Curling is on Facebook. We have our main “business page” where people who may not know about us can learn basic information about the club itself (location, contact info, inportant news and updates, the link to our website, etc.) by clicking HERE.


For those of you who are already members of WCCC, we have something else: Our Facebook Group. Let’s face it: a lot of us are on Facebook. And sometimes, we need to reach out to our fellow curlers. But having every single other members’ phone number stored in our cell, or adding everyone else we’ve ever curled with ever as a friend to our Facebook page would get rather tedious.

That’s where the group comes in. This is a place where we can all post sub requests, form teams, ask questions, seek opinions, etc. on the ever-popular Facebook, without needing to go through a tedious process. In fact, joining is easy. Request to join the group, and wait for Chelsea to approve your request. Once that’s done, you’re in.

From then on, you’ll be able to see new posts, comment on them, share pictures, and basically get in touch with your awesome fellow club-mates. It’s just one of the ways we’re trying to bring our club members closer in camaraderie.

If you have questions, suggestions, or concerns – always feel free to ask.

-Eric 🙂

(Eric Reithel is a guest-blogger who, despite his love of all-things Facebook, also loves Twitter. And HEY! – he says shamelessly – you can follow him on Twitter @TheCraftyCurler.)

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