Members’ Nights!

From the Facebook Page / Facebook Group:

We will be having Open Curling / Members’ Nights every Thursday through (and including) August 21!

Open Curling : Member Status

Here’s the scoop:
Members: $10
Non-Members: $20

If you are a WCC member who brings a non-member, YOU DON’T PAY! YAY!

Non-members, if you sign up to become a member of Windy City Curling on the spot, your $20 will be applied to your membership dues. Wins all around!

We normally start Broomstacking at 8pm, set-up at 9pm, and start playing at 9:30pm; HOWEVER, the last two weeks there has been no hockey on the ice ahead of us, so we’ve been able to start sooner. We aren’t sure if that is the case for Thursday, so we’ll let you know as the week progresses when we’ll be able to hit the ice!

Now a lot of people last week were wary of showing up because they weren’t sure if there would be a good turnout. To fix that: I am telling you right here and now that I WILL BE THERE THURSDAY.

If you are coming, or know someone who is, let us know HERE in the Facebook discussion group!

The more faces we see, the better the night!  (As of this posting, we already have TEN confirmed people showing up! YAY!)

Whether you want to play a pick-up game (regular or – maybe? – Mixed Doubles), practice your skills on an open sheet, or want some advice on how to up your game from your fellow curlers, there’s going to be space to do it. This is the perfect chance to get ready for the leagues coming this Fall!

(You know I’m going to be scouting out teammates, lol…)

So yeah – Members’ Nights are going to be happening for the next few weeks, but only if we get people there! So c’mon out and get League-Ready for the Fall!  Have a great week and I’ll see you on the ice!

-Eric 🙂

(Eric Reithel is a guest blogger who would like to apologize to Chelsea for not making this blog post a video-log post as he had teased. Technology is hard for him to master, apparently. He does however, have a pretty decent handle on twittering, and you can follow his musings and instagrammings via his Twitter handle: @TheCraftyCurler)

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