Gone Curling!

Found on Reddit, this is a charming short film (10-minutes long) that offers but a mere glimpse into the life of the sport of curling from the glory days gone by (all the way back to 1963!).  The obvious differences in the equipment used back then compared to now are there, sure (I mean, do you see any Teflon on those shoes? Because I sure don’t!), but the familiar heart and soul of the game remains the same.

Gone Curling by John Howe, National Film Board of Canada

To those who played and kept this great sport alive during a time in this planet’s history when (most of) the world didn’t even know it existed, a big THANK YOU from those of us present-day who do.

Man, after watching this… What I would give to go back in time just for a night to throw some stones around with those folks. 🙂


(Eric Reithel is a guest blogger who, after seeing the technique required to use the corn brooms in this film, will never complain about the condition of any brush he ever borrows out of the loaner bucket ever again. You can follow him Twitter @TheCraftyCurler.)

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