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Lakeshore Public TelevisionOn September 23, Krystin Estes from Lakeshore Public Media (WYIN, PBS Affiliate) joined us at Windy City Curling for a Learn to Curl session.  Her show, Jump in the Lake, showcases various unique activities in our area.  She was excited to give it a whirl, but just like the majority of people coming to curl for their first time… she wasn’t sure what to expect.

When she arrived, she was greeted by several members and immediately started socializing during our pre-game broomstacking.  In a blink of an eye, after three hours of instruction, practice and playing the night was over.   We had a fantastic time with the crew and the other Learn to Curlers that night and just wanted to say Thank You to everyone involved.  And I wanted to give a special thanks to our members, Eric Reithel and Greg Stewart, for leading the group.

Our segment will air in primetime next week on Friday evening (Oct 11) at 7pm on the “Lakeshore Report.

If you know of anyone wanting to give curling a try… have them sign up on our website by finding an open evening in the right hand column and they can use the coupon code JumpInTheLake to get their Learn to Curl discounted to $40/person.




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