Curling Next to Royalty … Stories from the Big Spiel

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After getting to Minnesota, I learned that three-time Olympian John Shuster was playing in the Big Spiel. With so many draws spread out over four days at three different clubs, it wasn’t even likely our paths would cross. Nevertheless, throughout the course of the weekend our respective teams were in the same draw at the St. Paul Curling Club. As a fan, I was hoping for the opportunity to meet and maybe get a photo with him. At the same time, I didn’t want to be “that guy” and bother him before one of his games, so I figured I’d keep my eyes open in the club area after one of those draws.

Sunday morning I was tired and nervous. We won our first game the night before, staying alive in the 8th event…aptly named the “clown car.” Win and we’re in the final, lose and we go home. I was sitting in the viewing area watching the end of the draw before ours, trying to calm my nerves and get my head set right. My teammate Greg commented on an attempted triple takeout in the match, saying that it was a nice shot but it was a shame that he only got two, to which I replied: “Well, you know what Meatloaf said: ‘Don’t be sad, ’cause two out of three ain’t bad.’ ”

This elicited some chuckles from some unseen people behind us, and one of the group said: “That’s a pretty solid reference for this early on a Sunday morning. Plus you actually made people laugh.” Without even looking back I just said “Yeah, I have my moments.” That was that, and pretty soon after we were on the ice and playing. It was a good game, but we lost and soon after were on our way home. I never ran into John Shuster, other than seeing him play a few sheets over from ours…or so I thought.

Driving through Wisconsin that night we were recapping our trip with one another. I lamented the fact that I never got the chance to meet John Shuster. At this point my comrades informed me that the unseen person who laughed at my joke was none other than the man himself. Somewhat incredulous, I asked them why they didn’t tell me, as that would have been a perfect time to meet him and get a picture. “We thought you knew and were just trying to play it cool.” they told me. “No guys, I had no idea…thanks.” I thought about it for a second, then just shook my head and laughed, realizing it would make a good story.

philCPhil Darin has a goal of opening his own clothing line of curling apparel, entitled “Loudermouth Pants.”  Want to hear more of his insights about curling, drinking, and drinking while curling? Are you Eve Muirhead?  

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