Day 4: Even More Curling!

The morning draw was light with only three teams, so we decided to sleep in. We needed it. On average we’re probably walking over 5 kilometers a day, and we’ve been getting up early. We hung out around the room and then headed out to get some lunch before the afternoon draw.

Sheet View

When we got there the arena was pretty empty, and we managed to grab seats in the lounge area next to the ice. Team Muirhead was set to play Team Nedohin, and this match was going to be televised on Sportsnet. Right next to them Team Edin was playing Team Gushue, so we had a great view for both games.

There were several cameras, some static, some mobile.

TV GuysCameras

Things are a bit different when the games are televised though. For one thing, they have to wait to start. Also, there is a longer break between ends to allow for commercials.


They also show the broadcast feed on the jumbotron, which helps to see what’s going on in the far house. I also could see when we were on TV…look close, I was wearing orange so I was hard to miss, ha ha.

Me On TV

We had our flags again, and I made sure to get them on TV a few times.

One downside was that at times the camera crews blocked our view to varying extents.

TV In WayMore TV In Way

Besides the great view, one of the really cool things was that you could hear the players really well when they were discussing strategy or shots.

TalkingMore TalkingTalking Again


Besides all that, we had a great view for shots coming our way.

Team Edin lost, but Team Muirhead won big. After the match, I managed to get pictures with Anna Sloan, Vicki Adams, and Sarah Reid.

SloanFront End

Neil snapped a pic with the front end as well.

Neil Front End

There wasn’t too much time for the next draw, so we walked around outside a bit and went to Tim Horton’s for some coffee and donuts. When we got back, the lounge was pretty full, so we opted to sit back where we had been before. The TV match for this draw was Team Homan vs Team Sweeting, and we were also watching Team Sidorova vs Team Paetz and Team Feltscher vs Team Jones. The great Kevin Martin is now a commentator for Sportsnet, and before the match he was interviewing Val Sweeting, which was cool to see.


This draw ultimately went on somewhat long, with a few games going to extra ends. What really sucked was that all the teams we wanted to win (Sidorova, Feltscher, Homan) lost. In fact, the Sweeting-Homan match became so lopsided that Sportsnet switched over to the Jones-Feltscher match.

After the draw, we headed out to The Keg for dinner. The Keg is a steakhouse chain in Canada, but a nice one…think along the line of Gibson’s or Ruth’s Chris. We wanted to go there because for one thing we know it’s good, and for another we know a lot of the players go there after games…no, we didn’t want to bother any of them if we saw them there, we just figured it would be kind of cool if we saw anybody. Well, sure enough, as we were finishing eating we saw Team Sigfridsson come walking in. By the time we left about ten minutes later they were already seated, but it was cool nonetheless to see them come in.

At this point we were pretty tired, and it was almost 8:00, so we decided to skip the night draw and head back to the hotel. For one thing, it started earlier than usual (7:00 instead of 7:30), and for another there weren’t any teams or match-ups that we were really dying to see or anything. This ended up being the 3rd draw that we’ve skipped, but with up to four draws a day going to all of them would be a bit much. We did watch the last few ends on TV back at the hotel, which was kinda cool. I mean, other than webstreams live curling is almost never on TV in the US. Even the Olympic matches are usually tape-delayed.

As I write this we’re about to go to bed. We have an early draw to catch tomorrow, we’ll probably skip the noon one, and then we’ll be there for the late afternoon and night draws. With the way the standings re going only a few teams have been eliminated, so at this point it’s still very much wide open.


philCPhil Darin is Windy City’s resident armchair curler who even plays from time to time. He often loses on the ice, but he always wins at broomstacking. Would you like to hear more about curling, whisky, or gambling? Are you Eve Muirhead?


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