Day 5: What Else? Curling!

Another early day to make it to an early morning draw.


It was really empty, so once again we sat right by the ice.


Today was the final day of round-robin play, so most of these games were really important.

Early on in the first end, we noticed the great Kevin Martin standing and watching the action, so we took the opportunity to get a picture with him.

KmartmeKmart Neil

It was fairly quiet in the arena, so we could hear things really well.

HackHack 2

Of course we were primarily watching my favorite rink, Team Muirhead, take on Team Feltscher but we were also keeping eyes on Team Sweeting vs Team McDonald and Team Sidorova vs Team Jennifer Jones.

Muirhead defeated Feltscher somewhat early, so we moved to get a better view of the Sidorova-Jones match.

10435788_10104898094511150_1038465904108131466_nS Throw

We moved from the side of the ice to watch the end of the match, as we wanted to try and catch them to get some pictures afterwards. While sitting near our usual seats, we noticed Team Muirhead was hanging out and watching the matches.

Hanging Out

We also saw Team Feltscher in the stands, watching the remaining games.

Team Sidorova ended up winning in an extra end! They were down 1 with hammer in the eighth end, and while drawing for two Sidorova came up short. In the extra end, she was lying 2 and left Jones with a difficult draw to score 1 and win. Jones opted to try and take out their 2 to sit 1, but she jammed and gave up a steal of 1 to Sidorova. We managed to catch them as they were heading off the ice and got some pics.

Me SidNeil Sid

I congratulated Anna about her win, and made a crack to her about the game which caused her to burst out laughing, which was pretty cool. Their coach recognized us as “the guys with the Russian flag” and thanked us for our support, so that was really cool.

We had previously decided to skip the noon draw, as we would be going to both the late afternoon and evening draws. We went back to the hotel, grabbed some lunch, then relaxed before walking back over to the arena.

The afternoon draw was the last one for the women, and was important to say the least. Teams were facing elimination, while others were fighting to avoid tiebreakers. Two of my favorite rinks, and definitely my two favorite women’s rinks (Muirhead and Sidorova) were facing off. If Sidorova won, they had a shot at the playoffs…lose, and they would probably be eliminated. Muirhead was looking at a possible bye past the first round of the playoffs if she won, and might have to face a tiebreaker if she lost. I was torn…my head knew Sidorova needed to win, but my heart was cheering for Muirhead.


Ultimately Sidorova won, and the way the other games played out Muirhead avoided a tiebreaker. Sidorova would play a tiebreaker on Saturday morning. After the draw, we got some pictures with Team Homan, who won and earned a bye to the semifinals on Sunday morning.


Neil FENeil EMNeil RH

As we were leaving, we saw Team Edin heading out, and we gave them some Windy City Curling T-Shirts.


We ran across the street for some quick food, then headed back to the arena for the night draw.

This draw was a lot more crowded than the others. It wasn’t packed, but definitely much more crowded. There wasn’t as much on the line as with the final women’s draw, but the games were still important.


Our best views were of Jacobs vs Epping, and McEwen vs Gushue. Jeff Stoughton was also playing in his final game of his career, taking on Steve Laycock’s rink. Carruthers was playing Howard, which was on the sheet closest to us.



They were some great matches. I managed to get a video of Brad Jacobs’ game-winning shot.

Afterwards, we managed to grab some pics with them.

Jacobs RinkMe RF

Neil JR

All in all another great day. Now, I should probably get to bed as we have to get up early and get to the arena for the tiebreaker game to cheer on Team Sidorova!


philCPhil Darin is Windy City’s resident armchair curler who even plays from time to time. He often loses on the ice, but he always wins at broomstacking. Would you like to hear more about curling, whisky, or gambling? Are you Eve Muirhead?


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