Congratulations To Team Galas – 2015 Playdown Winners!


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Last Thursday, April 30th, Team Galas secured their spot as Windy City’s representative to the 2015 Arena National Championships. This year’s event will be held in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, from July 16-19. A newer event, Arena Nationals is open to teams from clubs (such as Windy City) that do not play on dedicated ice. Curling is growing in the US, and most of this growth is coming from arena clubs. As such, Arena Nationals is growing as well, with this year’s event featuring one men’s and one women’s team 16 arena clubs in total.

As is tradition with curling, Windy City held playdowns to determine which team would earn the right to represent the club in Cedar Rapids. The following four teams faced off against one another, round-robin style:

Team Galas: Matt Galas, Jeff Galas, Steve Parke, Jeff Sampson

Team Moore: Matt Moore, Dave Faxel, Noah Mattern, Tim Orisek

Team Mulka: Dan Mulka, Neil Darin, Phil Darin, Wes Darin

Team Reithel: Eric Reithel, Chuck Justice, Josh Richardson, Greg Torkelson

In week 1, Team Galas defeated Team Mulka, while Team Moore defeated Team Reithel. Team Mulka and Team Reithel had byes in week 2, while Team Galas defeated Team Moore. Team Mulka defeated Team Reithel in week 3, while Team Galas and Team Moore had byes. In the final week, Team Moore defeated Team Mulka, while Team Reithel Defeated Team Galas. Thus, at the end of the round-robin play Team Galas and Team Moore both had 2-1 records, while Team Mulka and Team Reithel each had a 1-2 record. Team Galas won the tiebreaker against Team Moore.

There was no women’s playdown, but we are sending a team.

Team Deresinski: Sharon Deresinski, Kitty Lam, Noel Luchinski, Rebbeca Tulloch

Stay tuned for a more in-depth look at both our teams prior to Arena Nationals. For now, let’s congratulate Team Galas on their victory!


For more information on Arena Nationals, check out this link.




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