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The Shot that Brings You Back

I’ve been watching curling for probably a good 16 years.  If you’re like me, it was an addictive sport to watch during the Olympics at really odd times of the night.  Back in college, it would be a good distraction on that late-night-due-the-next-day paper that you really didn’t want to be working on. And, if […]

Windy City Curling on Public Perspective TV

Public Perspective, with host Kevin McDermott, serves up lively conversation each week with intriguing guests from a wide range of backgrounds. The half-hour show covers politics, the economy, business, and social issues with well known public voices and with unsung heroes. Two of our founders, Jeff & Matt, were guests on the show a few […]

New Clubs – The “Columbus Model”

Building a Curling Club In an ideal world, each club would have their own dedicated building and space for their club activities.  However, this usually isn’t feasible for newer clubs.  With the recent growth of curling, we have seen unprecedented amounts of new clubs both nationally and globally.  The typical startup club doesn’t have too […]

What the Ice Taught Me

Growing up in north central Wisconsin, winter reigned supreme.  Winter sports reigned supreme. We got out of school early on Fridays to hit the local ski hill, the Badger State Winter Games were the highlight of the season. Kids were dropped off at school on the back of their parents’ snow mobile…heck, CURLING was a […]