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The Struggles of Adolescence

“We’re just going to keep chipping away at this rock.” “I feel like you’ve been saving that one for a while.” “Maybe. But hey, if the shoe fits…” “This is going in your blog now, isn’t it?” “Maybe…” -Eric Reithel and Matt Galas, on seemingly insurmountable challenges I know plenty of curlers who, when asked […]

Keep It Moving

“I feel the need… The need for speed!” -Maverick & Goose, Top Gun One of the things that makes the sport of Curling so unique is the etiquette. Curling – for better or worse – is known traditionally as “Gentleman’s Game.” This is not because it should only be played by men, but rather, this […]

The House Rules

Proper Etiquette at Windy City Curling All games should start with a handshake and a “Good Curling!” between every player. All shoes, brooms, and other equipment should be clean of debris before stepping onto the ice to keep the sheet as pristine as possible. Street shoes worn outside should not be used for curling. The […]

Gearing Up: Brooms

“Well we can’t all come and go by bubble.” -Elphaba, Wicked WHAT CLEANING A HOUSE, QUIDDITCH, AND CURLING ALL HAVE IN COMMON Buying a curling broom is a serious investment. With the right care, modern brooms can last for years. There isn’t a position on the ice that doesn’t need one for various reasons, though […]