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Windy City Curling runs a variety of leagues through the year from September–April as part of our Regular season. Other leagues run in the summertime months are considered separate from this, but do allow players to curl nearly year-round, if they want.



Full Memberships

  • All members of Windy City Curling must pay for an Annual Membership ($100) before they can register for leagues.
  • These dues cover on-ice insurance, membership dues in our national and regional organizations (the USCA & MCA), and and use of club curling equipment.
  • These dues are separate from league fees and All You Can Curl packages.
  • New members joining the Rookies league have a Limited Membership included in their league fee, and do not have to pay for a Full Membership if this is the only league they’re joining (a Full Membership is required to join other leagues, however).

Dual Memberships 

  • If you’re already a member of another curling club and want to make Windy City Curling a second home, we offer reduced-rate dual memberships so you can jump into leagues at your lesiure. For details and rates, please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..
Limited Member (included w/ Rookies fees) $10 – Register for beginner leagues
– Unlimited use of club equipment
– On-ice insurance
Full Membership (August-August) $100 – Register for leagues
– Unlimited use of club equipment
– Membership in the Midwest Curling Association (MCA)
– Free bonspiels (women (4), men (3))
– Subscription to U.S.
– Curling News magazine
– Club name tag (first year only)
– Club shirt (each year)
– Discounts when traveling though IHG Rewards Club (Hilton brand hotels)
– Discounts at 300+ online retailers through Experticity.com
– Web-streamed broadcasts (Men’s and Women’s Nationals)
– Curling Night in America rebroadcasts
– Live scoring for all national events through – CurlingZone.com
– On-ice insurance



All You Can Curl Packages

If you’re planning on playing more than one night a week, or even a same night throughout our entire regular season, this is the most cost-efficient option for you!

  • The full-season rate covers all of the leagues your broom can handle, August-April
  • If you need to split up the cost to make things a little easier on the wallet, half-season options are availble, too! (September-December) & (January-April)

Head over to the Leagues page to register!

REMINDER: “All You Can Curl” packages do NOT include your annual Membership dues. Those are separate and must be paid-in-full first.

Pay Per League 

  • Ready to jump into a league, but not quite a full-year commitment? No worries! Join any of our casual and competitive leagues à la carte! (Although, if you’re planning on anything more than one-night-a-week, we highly recommend an All You Can Curl package.)



Cancellation Policy

Any draw dates which are cancelled due to scheduling conflicts with Windy City Curling events, equipment malfunction, inclement weather, or other unforeseen circumstances will be rescheduled at the discretion of the Windy City Curling Board. Refunds for cancelled draw dates will be issued at the sole discretion of the Windy City Curling Board.

Substitute Player Policy

Windy City Curling strives to provide a range of available draw times for its players so that everyone may play at a time most convenient for them. However, from time to time, a player may be unable to participate in a specific draw. This Substitute Player Policy outlines the rules under which a substitute player, or “sub,” may be enlisted in a given draw.

All players should be familiar with this policy. Failure to adhere to the Substitute Player Policy can result in forfeiture of a game; removal of a player or players for an entire season; or, if multiple offenses occur, a potential lifetime ban from Windy City Curling events. Adherence to this policy will keep gameplay fair and ensure all players are properly covered by the club insurance policy.

  1. Who can play as a substitute player? – Any player who has purchased a Full Membership, either as a Pay-per-League player or as an All-You-Can-Curl player, can play as a substitute player in any Windy City Curling league event. Players who have only purchased a Limited Membership are precluded from participating in Windy City Curling league events as a substitute player.
  2. When is a substitute player needed? – A substitute player is needed whenever a registered league player is unavailable for their team’s scheduled draw time. As a guiding rule, this substitute player policy is designed to keep teams from having to forfeit or play shorthanded; it is not a way for unregistered players to join the league, or for teams to bring in “ringers” to play with them. Teams which registered or were formed with 3 players may not recruit a substitute player to play as a fourth player on a weekly basis, unless that player joins the league.
  3. Where can substitute players be found? – The player who cannot make a given draw is responsible for finding their substitute player. Substitute players can be found via whatever means they find most convenient. The Windy City Curlers Facebook group is a good resource. Additionally, a list of substitute players is provided on all posted league schedules. Substitute players do not have to be listed on the schedule to play as a substitute player.
  4. What position can the substitute player play? – Windy City Curling does not rank its players. In Competitive Leagues, per WCF rules, a substitute player may play any position; however, when it comes to casual friendly leagues, we do ask that substitute players play no higher in position than the player they’re “subbing-in” for. (i.e. – If filling in for the team’s usual Second, the “sub” should either play Lead or Second that night.)

Upcoming Events

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League Schedules

League schedules, teams and results can all be found in the members section of the website once you LOGIN.

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Windy City Curling is a 501(c)3 charitable organization committed to teaching, developing, promoting, and encouraging the spirit of curling; by developing youth and adult programs that lead to local, national, and international competitions. We host open leagues, Learn to Curls, and corporate team building events. Contact Us to learn more about our passion for curling and the benefits of joining Windy City Curling.

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